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Public Review: SF-MF-LB 05-21

Continuous maintenance efforts to improve these mitigation standards are currently ongoing.
The work, as contained herein, resulted in harmonized updates that would replace Sections 1, 2, 3, 4 and 10 to read the same in:
— SGM-SF 2017 rev12/20 (existing homes);
— RMS-MF 2018 rev12/20 (multifamily buildings) and
— RMS-LB 2018 rev12/20 (schools and large buildings).

Latest published versions of these standards are available for comparison at where all ANSI/AARST standards can be viewed at no cost.

The current work project includes (1) harmonization, where possible, for all portions of these
documents to read the same for the same tasks; (2) updates based on new experiences, and (3)
renderings that are more conductive to stakeholders who are involved in compliance assessment.


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  • User Tools ……………….. Example templates for field or office
  • Approved Addenda ………. Incremental updates not yet included in published versions
  • Interpretations ……………. Responses to inquiries
  • Position Statements ……… Positions approved by consensus