SGM-SF_2017with 12/20 Revisions

20 SGM-SF Table A-2.2 Example Content Often Needed In Requests for Proposals (RFP) 1.0 RFP Universal Provisions: 1.1 Project Overview 1.1.1 Project Summary 1.1.2 Chemical Information – chemical of concern, sub-slab levels, IA levels, regulatory levels for site classification, mobile lab site characterization, toxicology standards, pathway and source identification 1.1.3 Quantifiable Goals and Objectives – What is the measure of success? (i.e. verified pressure differential, IA level reduction, specific mitigation area) 1.1.4 Project Schedule – specific deliverable dates for each phase of the project 1.1.5 Additional Information – bid schedule, site access, consultant POC, other concurrent remedial actions 1.1.6 Progress Reporting, Final Reporting – pilot testing, system design, system as-built, post-mitigation verification testing, photos, drawings, component specs sheets, MSDS info 1.1.7 Additional Project Requirements – onsite supervision, required meetings, risk communication, RP communication 1.1.8 Payment, Submittals – phase definition, budget deliverables (i.e. fixed price, performance contract), payment terms and conditions, schedule of values and mobilization 1.2 Contractor Requirements 1.2.1 Insurance – minimum requirements 1.2.2 Health and Safety – OSHA, HAZWOPER, health and safety program (to include hazardous communication program), site-specific health and safety program 1.2.3 Additional Contractor Requirements – responsible parties 1.3 Appendices 1.3.1 Sampling Data, Boring Logs 1.3.2 Previous Pilot Testing Data 1.3.3 Site Map, Drawings 2.0 RFP for Mitigation Design 2.1 All components of 1.0 (Universal Provisions) 2.2 Mitigation Standards, Regulatory Requirements – applicable ANSI standard, applicable regulatory requirements 2.3 Pilot Testing, Building Characterization–deliverables, such as PFE, vacuum and airflow testing, HVAC assessment 2.4 Power consumption analysis 2.5 Analog or digital controls, onsite or remote monitoring 3.0 RFP for Mitigation Installation 3.1 All components of 1.0 (Universal Provisions) 3.2 System Design Specs and Additional Specs – permitting, material characterization, soil testing and disposal specs, post-mitigation verification criteria, QC and startup procedures, decontamination and containment specs 3.3 Warranty – performance, system components, roof bonding, length of warranty 4.0 RFP for Operation and Maintenance 4.1 All components of 1.0 (Universal Provisions) 4.2 Highlighted or truncated logistical aspects for this work (e.g., inspection/maintenance frequency and deliverable dates) 4.3 System maintenance procedures (e.g., analog or digital controls, onsite or remote monitoring, PFE, system tuning) 4.4 Inspection reporting and maintenance logs 4.5 General Pricing Estimate Examples: 4.5.1 Mobilization (Crew Travel) $ ___________ 4.5.2 Mobilization (Single staff member) $ ___________ 4.5.3 Additional Suction Location (per) $ ___________ 4.5.4 Vapor retarder materials $ ___________