SGM-SF_2017with 12/20 Revisions

19 SGM-SF Commissioning Team Includes Qualified Soil Gas Mitigation Professional Commissioning Team Table A-2.1 Example Commissioning Structure for Team Interactions Activity Deliverable Initiate Project - Commissioning Process Document Roles and Responsibilities This event is a decision of property owner(s) in coordination with health departments and/or the commissioning team. Owner and overseeing parties. The need for a Qualified Soil Gas Mitigation Professional should be identified at this time. ‘ ‘ Decide Project Requirements Document Owner’s Project Requirements Normally includes short-term and long-term health protection and, if applicable, site cleanup. All goals and specific details ‘ ‘ Develop Commissioning Process Document Commissioning Process General site plan Oversight process ‘ ‘ Set Contractor Requirements Document Specifications As applied to staff and subcontractors Minimum education, credentials, etc. ‘ ‘ Design Approach to Requirements Document Basis of Design Overseeing parties should include a Qualified Soil Gas Mitigation Professional during this phase. Rationale ‘ ‘ Review Design to Requirements Design Review Report Installation details compared to goals. Conclusion of review ‘ ‘ Review Submittals Submittal Review Report Overseers Overseers ‘ ‘ Observe and Test Construction Checklists and Reports 1) site assessment, 2) building diagnostics, and 3) post- installation test 1) site assessment, 2) building diagnostics, and 3) post-installation test ‘ ‘ Resolve Issues Issues and Resolution Log as needed document as needed ‘ ‘ Assemble Systems Manual Systems Manual OM&M Plan Completed OM&M Plan ‘ ‘ Conduct Training Training Plans and Records For long-term staff and OM&M personel Document training and establish retention of logs ‘ ‘ Postoccupancy Operation End of Warranty Commissioning Report First year or two testing to establish baseline for effectiveness. As established for each contractor and, if applicable, if decommissioning the installation. ‘ ‘ Assemble Commissioning Report Deliver Report overseers Overseers