Protocol for Conducting Measurements of ANSI/AARST MAH 2019 Radon and Radon Decay Products in Homes 26 EXHIBIT 5 RDP MEASUREMENT—ASSESSMENT OF TEST CONDITIONS For Local airspace (The room and any adjoining rooms that are not physically isolated by partitions and closed doors.) Item Action Reporting Requirements ❏ Ceiling fans Disallow use Or Choose a different test location ❏ List each item on the report ❏ Report existence of any items present and any deviations in required action ❏ Circulating fans ❏ Filter or electrostatic air cleaners ❏ Unvented fireplaces ❏ Vacuum cleaners ❏ Humidifiers or dehumidifiers ❏ Particulate creation, such as: ❏ - smoking, ❏ - cooking ❏ - burning candles/other ❏ - pets Recommend that occupants avoid activities of this nature that are more than normal ❏ List each item on the report ❏ Report the condition ❏ Proximity to electrostatic fields such as tube TV or computer screens Choose a location no less than 10 feet away from the item For Whole Building or Zone The entire building or local heating or cooling zone that is served by s single` air handler. ❏ HVAC blower activity Evaluate ❏ Report deviations from expected normal use ❏ Occupied or unoccupied Evaluate ❏ Report condition ❏ HVAC filtration and electrostatic air cleaners Evaluate ❏ Document all systems present ❏ Report system conditions ❏ HVAC combustion byproducts Evaluate ❏ HVAC duct cleanliness Evaluate ❏ Split systems Evaluate ❏ Humidifiers or dehumidifiers Evaluate Outside the building ❏ Atypical outdoor air pollution Evaluate ❏ Report condition ❏ Humidity Evaluate ❏ Report deviations from normal yearly averaged