SGM-SF_2017with 12/20 Revisions

22 SGM-SF AIR TEST IN PROGRESS Required closed-building conditions (12 hours prior the test and during the test). Keep closed Windows & Exterior doors (except for momentary use) Set to normal Heating & Cooling systems (kept between about 65˚ - 80˚ F) Operate normally Bathroom fans Other ventilation units that are used in all seasons Avoid excessive operation Exhaust systems such as from laundries or for control of fumes from community kitchens Outside air dampers closed Window air conditioners and unit ventilators Do not operate Window fans, whole building fans or other systems that temporarily bring air into or out of the building for seasonal energy savings or comfort Fireplaces that burn solid, liquid or gas fuels, unless they are the primary sources of heat for the building AIR TEST IN PROGRESS 48-72 hours prior the test and during the test Do not use Pesticides, glues, sealants, paints, thinners or varnishes Cleaning compounds for bathrooms, appliances, furniture, floors and other all purpose cleaning products. Bleach, disinfectants, air fresheners or odor eliminators Cosmetics such as hair spray, nail polish remover, nail polish and perfume. Do not Smoke in the house Operate or store automobiles in an attached garage Store swimming pool products in the house or attached garage Store gasoline, oil, brake fluid, lubricants or solvents in the house or attached garage For details see SAMPLE DOOR HANGER NOTICE SAMPLE DOOR HANGER NOTICE Sample of closed-building protocols used in radon testing. These reflect CVI guidance at several state programs. (See ANSI/AARST MAH ) Sample of chemical product guidance drawn from state and national guidance that can also impact the reliability of CVI measurements.