Rough-in of Radon Control Components In New Construction of 1 & 2 Family ANSI/AARST RRNC 2020 Dwellings and Townhouses 4 SECTION 301 RADON CONTROL ROUGH-IN COMPONENTS 301.1 Requirement. Radon control rough-in components shall be installed in dwellings in accordance with Section 302. Exceptions: 1) Buildings supported entirely on foundation systems, such as piers, that do not have enclosed areas between the earth and the building floor system. 2) Where prior to occupancy, radon testing is conducted in accordance with ANSI-AARST MAH Protocol for Conducting Measurements of Radon and Radon Decay Products in Homes and demonstrates results that are below the National Action Level. Where required by the code official, testing shall be provided by an approved third party. FIGURE 301 ROUGH-IN INSTALLATION IN VARIOUS FOUNDATIONS