RRNC 2020 Companion Guidance Section B: Review —Essential Components CG 2 Companion Guidance Section B Visual Review For Completion Of Essential Components ü Where required components are complete, check the box to indicate each statement is true. Where a component is deficient, action must be taken to correct deficiencies. Verification of component completion Reviewed Component Corrected ž 1) All openings to soil in concrete slabs and membranes are closed to achieve a continuous air barrier that restricts air movement between soil gas and indoor air. Sub-membrane Depressurization ž The tops and sides of the soil gas retarder(s) are sealed ž Penetrations through the membrane(s) are sealed Sub-Slab Depressurization ž Penetrations through the slab(s) are sealed ž Block-outs or openings cast or constructed in the concrete slab, such as for under plumbing fixtures, are sealed ž Accessible floor to wall joints are sealed General ž Sumps are closed with a rigid lid and the lid is sealed ž Openings and penetrations in hollow block masonry walls are sealed ž 2) Circuit conductors are configured for continuous activation that terminate in a receptacle outlet located within 6 feet [1.8 m] of the potential ASD fan location ž 3) Potential fan location exists that is viable for fan installation with the fan and positively pressured system piping not located inside conditioned or occupiable space ž 4) System piping extends fromwithin the gas permeable layer(s) to above the roof and is sloped to drain water to the suction point(s) NOTE: Exhibit 1 may be reprinted without license from AARST.