RMS-LB 2018 with 12/20 Revisions

Building Investigations Prior to Design 12 ANSI/AARST RMS-LB 2018 (with 1220 revisions) Radon Mitigation Standards for Schools and Large Buildings 5.5.2 Non-ASD methods Diagnostic procedures shall be performed prior to installation or augmentation of systems when methods that entail building pressurization or building dilution are being considered. Note—See Section 12 for descriptions of airflow, pressure and other measurements required. Informative advisory — Diagnostic evaluations of building pressures and air exchange rates are needed to: a. Ensure feasibility of desired radon reductions with such methods; and b. Aid when considering unintended consequences regarding energy penalties and health, safety and comfort of occupants. These diagnostics are likely to include other procedures to help project effects of altering building mechanical systems. 5.6 Design Decisions Note—The flowcharts that follow in Figure 5.6.1 and Figure 5.6.2 illustrate example procedures for determining the appropriateness and feasibility of design choices.