MW-RN-2020 (1)

Protocol for the Collection, Transfer and ANSI/AARST MW-RN 2020 Measurement of Radon in Water 38 SECTION 15.0 NEWMETHODOLOGY DEVELOPMENT A variety of analytical methods are permitted following review and approval of the methodology, and successful participation in interlaboratory intercomparisons or proficiency testing studies. The Qualified Laboratory shall obtain and be capable of providing sufficient data to allow determination that the performance of the proposed method is comparable to test methods already approved for radon measurements in water. The validation study shall include results for the reagent blank, detection limit, and method performance. Informative advisory —Currently, the U.S. EPA-approved 1 analytical methodologies of liquid scintillation and alpha-scintillation cells are acceptable to use following successful participation in an intercomparison and calibration in accordance with Sections 10.1 and 10.5 . Validation of a new proposed analytical method is the process by which an applicant verifies the performance of the test method. Proposed test methods should demonstrate that they have acceptable performance characteristics such as accuracy , precision, and detection capability for the measurement of radon. This is generally achieved by comparing the performance of the proposed method to existing approved methods and can include results of recent performance testing studies.