MW-RN-2020 (1)

Protocol for the Collection, Transfer and ANSI/AARST MW-RN 2020 Measurement of Radon in Water 26 SECTION 10.0 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES—QUALIFIED LABORATORIES By definition, a laboratory analyzes a water sample for radon and provides the result to a radon professional or directly to the public. 10.1 Criteria requirements for qualified laboratory status or designation To be considered qualified for conducting analytical services for determining the radon concentrations in water samples, the person(s) or team, regardless of business organizational structure, shall operate under a quality assurance plan ( QAP ) that includes the following requirements for quality of personnel and practices. 10.1.1 Responsibilities Ensuring adequate quality control ( QC ) within the laboratory is to be the responsibility of laboratory management, with duties often assigned to quality managers. Adequate QA includes verification and documentation of: a) sufficient training of individuals responsible for laboratory operations; b) continued applicability of the calibration factors and functions (curves); c) QC operations conducted at required frequencies, with results within warning and control limits or appropriate investigative and corrective actions taken, as needed; d) maintenance and repair records of equipment and systems; and e) quality policies as specified in a QAP , revised as operations change, and records of all QC checks, which are available to auditors or credentialing authorities, subject to confidentiality agreements. 10.1.2 Sufficient training Laboratory management personnel are to be responsible to ensure sufficient training is obtained for all individuals associated with measurement activities, to include: a) Operations shall be conducted under the responsible charge of a qualified measurement professional; b) Individuals who collect samples or analyze data obtained by radon measurement instruments in the field shall be qualified measurement professionals; and c) All parties associated with testing and analysis should be qualified for their apportioned tasks. 10.1.3 Approved methods Methods approved for analysis of radon in water shall be those verified to comply with requirements in Section 10.4 . Laboratories shall be allowed to utilize any such approved method to analyze a water sample for radon, after successfully meeting all requirements herein for Qualified Laboratory Approval. 10.1.4 User Instructions The laboratory shall provide user instructions for how to collect samples consistent with collection procedures in Section 4 and consistent with at least one collection method consistent with a collection method. In addition, the laboratory shall provide instructions for any requirements on handling and shipping that the laboratory deems appropriate for their region, clientele or relative to time of year, such as: a) thermal insulation envelopes or wrapping; or b) procedures for keeping samples cool in summer; or c) procedures to prevent samples from freezing in winter.