MW-RN-2020 (1)

Protocol for the Collection, Transfer and ANSI/AARST MW-RN 2020 Measurement of Radon in Water 24 8. 7 Professional field service reports—Radon mitigation system status (if applicable) Where a mitigation system or efforts to mitigate radon are observed, the test report shall include: a) A statement that a mitigation system was observed and whether it appeared to be operating; b) A statement regarding the condition of any temporary radon mitigation strategies that are not permanent installations; and c) A statement on the limits of the inspection. It is permissible to provide a statement in the report that the test company offers no findings as to the proper installation and operation of the mitigation system. 8. 8 All reports—Opinions and interpretations When opinions and interpretations are included, the basis upon which the opinions and interpretations have been made shall be included in test reports. Opinions and interpretations shall be clearly marked as such in a test report. 8. 9 All reports—Statement of test limitations Informative advisory —The report should describe the general limitations of the test. An example is the following: “There is an uncertainty with any measurement result due to statistical variations and other factors such as daily and seasonal variations in radon concentrations. Variations can occur due to changes in groundwater concentrations, operation of the dwelling, or dynamics associated with the size of the well and soil permeability.”