Chair: Darioush Ghahremani PHD Stakeholder Group Delegate (Educators) Trudy Smith (MO) Spruce Environmental (Educators Alt ) Bill Angell (MN) Midwest University Radon Consortium (MURC) (Non-regulated States) Mike Brennan (WA) Washington State Department of Health (Non-regulated States Alt ) Josh Kerber (MN) Minnesota Department of Health (Regulated States) Denise Bleiler (PA) Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Health (Proficiency Program) Shawn Price (NC) National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) (Federal EPA) Jani Palmer (DC) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (Mitigation prof.) Tim Pittman (SC) Professional Services (Measurement prof.) Charlie Lamb (NY) Professional Services (Home Inspectors) Nate Burden (PA) Professional Services (Home Inspectors Alt ) Banks Garrison (VA) Professional Services (Manufacturers) Dan Gallagher (NJ) RAdata Inc. (Manufacturers Alt ) Rick Stieff (MD) Rad Elec, Inc. (Scientists) Michael LaFontaine (ON) Physics Solutions Inc. Assistance Team: Gary Hodgden with appreciation extended to all Assistance Team members over the years to include: Mert Oktem, Beth Anne Purvis, Kelsey Wallace , Meghan Walker, Diana Degan, Sarah Consaga, Tara Fortier, Nanci Hemberger, Joanne Brodsky and Tricia Wallich Proof Review Copy Unauthorized copying is prohibited