Protocol for Conducting Measurements of ANSI/AARST MAH 2019 Radon and Radon Decay Products in Homes 23 EXHIBIT 2 SAMPLE FORM: PRIOR NOTICE OF INSPECTION Dear _____________________ A radon test is scheduled for the property at _________________________________________ Tentative test device placement Day______________ Date _______________Time________ Tentative test device pick-up Day______________ Date _______________Time________ Please inform the occupant. We will request a signature on our standard form to ensure required conditions for test accuracy. Any test interference that is detected will be documented in the report and may nullify the test results. CLOSED-BUILDING PROTOCOL REQUIREMENTS For tests of less than 4 days, closed-building conditions are required to begin 12 hours prior to the test. MAINTAIN CLOSED-BUILDING CONDITIONS THROUGHOUT THE TEST PERIOD. Windows Keep closed on all levels of the building including areas not being tested Exterior doors (except for momentary entry and exit) Heating and cooling systems Set to normal occupied operating conditions with normal temperatures between 65˚ and 80˚ F Systems that temporarily ventilate with outdoor air for seasonal comfort or energy savings Set to the lowest ventilation condition that occurs for any season Whole-house fans Do not operate Fireplaces including those that burn solid, liquid, or gas fuels unless they are the primary/normal sources of heat for the building Clothes dryers, r ange hoods and bathroom fans Avoid excessive operation Do not disturb test devices. The detectors cannot be moved, covered or have their performance altered during the test. This radon test can help assure a safe and healthy home. We thank you for your cooperation. For any concerns or questions please contact __________________________ Phone (XXX) XXX-XXX Sincerely, ________________________________