Reducing Radon in New Construction of ANSI/AARST CCAH 2020 1 & 2 Family Dwellings and Townhouses 22 CCAH/RRNC Committee Members Acknowledgement Improvements to CCAH 2020 are the result of efforts and deliberations of the CCAH/RRNC consensus body. Participation includes a cross-section of experience, stakeholder interests and vantage points. Sincere appreciation is expressed and deserved for their contributions of time, patience and wisdom. Non-voting Chair: Dave Kapturowski PA Non-voting Assist Team: Gary Hodgden KS Stakeholder Group Delegate Educators Bill Angell MN Educators Alternate Chad Robinson KS Non-regulated States Chrys Kelly CO Federal EPA Jani Stoliarova DC Federal EPA Alternate Nick Hurst DC Federal HUD John Schneider IL Proficiency Program Bruce Snead KS Proficiency Program Alternate Kyle Hoylman KY Public Health NGO (ALA) Kevin Stewart PA Mitigation prof. Dan West OH Mitigation prof. Alternate Tom Thies NM Measurement prof. Matt Koch AL Measurement prof. Alternate David Metzger OH Code Officials Gregg Gress IL Home Builders Steve Tucker OR NAHB Association Dan Buuck DC NAHB Alternate Gary Ehrlich DC Architects Ted Waldron VA Architects Alternate Tim Pitman SC System Designer Keith Hoylman KY Scientist David Wilson TN Assist TeamMembers: Joanna Mandecki, Nanci Hermberger, Lindsey Beall, Denise Bleiler and Marilyn Patrick.