Reducing Radon in New Construction of ANSI/AARST CCAH 2020 1 & 2 Family Dwellings and Townhouses 15 SECTION 801 RADON TESTING 801.1 Radon testing A short-term radon test shall be initiated within 60 days of occupancy and shall be performed by a certified/licensed measurement professional. Testing shall be performed in accordance with AARST/ ANSI MAH “Protocol for Conducting Measurements of Radon and Radon Decay Products in Homes” or applicable state protocols or requirements. Where testing results are greater than the NAL , a certified/licensed mitigator shall be required to perform diagnostic tests, mitigation action and radon testing shall be required until radon concentrations below the NAL are achieved. 801.2 Radon test kit required. A minimum of one long term radon -in-air test kit from a certified/licensed laboratory shall be provided for the occupants of each dwelling unit. SECTION 901 FAN ACTIVATION - ACTIVE SOIL DEPRESSURIZATION 901.1 Verify rough-in completion. In association with activating an ASD fan , the rough-in components that are visually accessible shall be inspected for completion. Changes shall be made to correct any of the following requirements: 1) closed openings in concrete slabs and membranes over exposed soil to achieve a continuous air barrier that restricts air movement between soil gas and indoor air; 2) circuit conductors configured for continuous activation that terminate in a receptacle outlet located within 6 feet [1.8 m] of the potential ASD fan location; 3) potential fan location that is viable for fan installation with the fan and positively pressured system piping not located inside conditioned or occupiable space; and 4) system piping that extends from within the gas permeable layer(s) to above the roof and is sloped to drain water to the suction point(s). Note— Exhibit 1 provides a sample form for “Visual Review For Essential Components.” Bec ause many fans are installed after building construction, this form speaks to required components that can be verified prior to, but no later than during ASD fan installation. 901.2 Fan location. ASD fans shall be installed only outdoors, in attics or in garages that are not beneath conditioned spaces. ASD fans shall not be installed below ground, in conditioned spaces, in occupiable spaces of a building or in any basement, crawl space or other interior location that is directly beneath a conditioned or occupiable space of a building. ASD fans shall not be mounted in any location where pipe positively pressured by the fan is located inside conditioned or occupiable space. 901.3 Orientation. ASD inline fans shall be installed only on vertical ASD piping or as recommended by the manufacturer. 901.4 Installation. ASD fans shall be installed in accordance with this standard and the manufacturer’s instructions. 901.5 Flexible connectors required. ASD fans shall be connected to the ASD piping using flexible unshielded couplings complying with ASTMD5926 or ASTM C1173. Connections shall be air and water-tight.